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Introduction Company

Atyeh Andishan Sepehr Sharq Steel Company as a private company pioneer in the production of various steel ingots in an area of about 40 hectares in 1388 in Khazarlou Industrial Town, Ajab Shir city, with the aim of creating jobs for 400 people and producing 500 thousand tons as the first Northwest manufacturer was established. This complex utilizes induction furnace technology to produce steel ingots of 150*150, 130*130, 125 * 125 in different lengths. The company utilizes 6 induction furnaces for the production of iron enamel and continuous casting machines to provide the desired quality and equip the quantum laboratory and the water laboratory, which is the top quality in the region. The processes of the company, including the separation and processing of scrap in 3 processing sites, the melting of scrap in induction furnaces, the transfer of melt to patches, casting and grinding, respectively.

The country's largest induction furnace factory

Sepehr Sharq Steel company is one of the largest induction furnace factories in Iran using 6 sets of 20-ton induction furnaces with a production capacity of 290 thousand tons per year. Now, using modern electronic equipment, it is updating furnaces and increasing Production capacity.

Excellence in product quality

Sepehr Sharq Steel company, using well-equipped laboratory and qualified personnel in the field of metallurgy and quality control, produce and market products of high quality and in accordance with domestic and international standards. In this regard, among the factories of Induction Furnace, Leading and exciting

Steel ingot production

The company currently produces steel bars with grades 3SP and 5SP with lengths of 6 m and 12 m in 125 * 125, 150 * 150 and 200 200 * sections.

the environment

Sepehr Sharq Steel company. has been trying to create green space in order to comply with environmental requirements. The company has also taken effective measures to improve the status of the dust collector system, waste management, wastewater management and greenhouse improvement in order to improve the environmental situation.

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